Conspiracy against Islam Humanity and Peace. Explained through Quran & Tafsir(Exegisis)

​An IMPORTANT MESSAGE  for my fellow Humans. 

Whatever is happening in the world today concerning muslims greatly disturbs and perturbs us.The killings…the bloodshed…the wars…everything in the name of Islam….But always remember that Allah azzawajal in His Quran warns us about a conspiracy against Islam and Muslims (believers)..Before letting media brainwash our perceptions and thought process pay careful heed to the Quranic verses below.Do not trust the media too much..Do not let them put down our throats whatever they want….In the age of Fitna (trials & tribulations ) do not trust anyone except Allah azzawajal and His Qur’an only

There has always been a conspiracy against the believers…against Islam…There are many evidences in form of 9/11 truth commission,Zionist Israeli agenda to cause wars in the Middle East…So much evidence…But how valuable is this information from the Quran…enough for the believers…Allah is the Greatest…wake up believers…
What does the Quran reveal about #conspiracies ,Plans & #Plots hatched by the enemy(disbelievers,Hypocrites) against Allah,His #Prophets ,Islam & Believers.A conspiracy is always there whether u believe or don’t.Be very careful what you see & what u believe in the age of Fitna(trials & tribulations).Stand firmly on Islam and with those who truly believe in Allah & His Messenger.Do not get deceived by the Devil & his allies.

ASK YOURSELF  &  LOOK FOR ANSWERS ? Bloodshed Fitna and War on Earth. What is happening ? Who is Responsible ?

Guidance from the Words of Allah. You can refer Tafseer Ibn Kathir of Quran. 
Q1: is there a global conspiracy against Islam and Muslims ? 
A1: Get an index of the quran. Look up/SEARCH for the word ‘PLOT’. Study the meaning and tafsir(exegisis) for historical perspective on the subject. You will realise Hundreds of years back the enemies of Islam, Allah and  our Prophet pbuh conspired to defame Islam, assasinate our Prophet pbuh and destroy Islam. Now tell me what makes you think that the enemies of today have stopped plotting and conspiring ? Check my other Post for details and Help or visit this link 

Q2: Who is inciting the flames of war Corruption terrorism and bloodshed all over the World ? 
A2: Study Surah 5 Verse 64 with tafseer(exegisis).
Q3: Are there People Organisations Nations who call themselves peacekeepers / reformers but in reality are causing mischief Fitna on Earth ?
A: Surah(2) Baqarah verse 6 – 10.Study Tafseer. 
Q4: Is there a plot / conspiracy to stop the spread and message of Islam ?
A4: Study Surah no. 9 verse no. 32 and Surah No. 61 Verse No. 8 of QURAN. Study Tafseer too. 
Q5: Has Allah Azzawajal and His Messenger pbuh declared War on Humanity ? Cause of global economy failure, World Wars , Global Recession ?
A5: Surah Baqarah Verse 278 & Verse 279.Please refer Tafsir too. 
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